Sony acquires Insomniac Games, coming off of that gangbusters Spider-Man PS4 partnership


Well, make it official

Insomniac Games might work with Sony a ton, but they’re actually independent. Well, they were, until today that is. During Gamescom Sony announced that they’ve actually acquired the studio, having “entered into definitive agreements to acquire Insomniac Games, Inc.”

Sony details exactly what’s happening in the following statement provided to Destructoid (emphasis mine): “Upon completion of the acquisition, Insomniac Games will join the global development operation of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios (“SIE WWS”). Insomniac Games is the 14th studio to join the SIE WWS family. This addition furthers SIE’s continued commitment to creative excellence and innovation in game development exclusively for the PlayStation platforms. Building on a working relationship between Insomniac Games and SIE spanning more than 20 years, this acquisition enhances the creative force within SIE WWS and formally adds a studio to the PlayStation family that continues to raise the bar on open world, story-driven games. The day-to-day operations of Insomniac Games post-closing of the acquisition are expected to be run by the current management team in conjunction with SIE WWS San Mateo Studio.”

Spider-ManPS4 was a cash cow for Sony and it makes perfect sense why they’d want to lock up a studio who is reaching even greater heights than they have in the past.Given how close Sony keeps their studios close to the chest, any future non-PS4 games like the Xbox One-bound Sunset Overdrive(Sony owns that IP now) or multiplatform releases like Song of the Deep are now likely pipedreams. I also wonder if all of their VR games (Edge of Nowhere, The Unspoken, Feral Rites, Stormland) will be making their way to PSVR at some point!

Also, Spider-Man 2exclusively on PS4 here we come! This is a huge get for Sony and the next generation console war just got a little hotter.