Sony acquires Seattle developer Valkyrie Entertainment


Support studio joins officially joins Sony ranks

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it has acquired Valkyrie Entertainment, a Seattle-based developer that has worked with Sony and other major publishers on major IPs including God of War, Halo, and Twisted Metal.

Originally founded in 2002, Valkyrie Entertainment is best known for its support work, and has assisted many major publishers and developers on some very fine video games. The studio’s resume includes development assistance on games such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Injustice 2, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War for Warner Bros., Halo Infinite and Forza Motorsport 2 for Microsoft, and Infamous 2 and the fantastic 2018 release God of War for its new owners. Perhaps Valkyrie will see its skills plied toward upcoming Sony releases such as God of War: Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7.

Expected to be Sony’s final studio acquisition of 2021, Valkyrie Entertainment joins a who’s who of new family members who have fallen under the Sony banner within the past year. These include Returnal developer Housemarque, VR studios Firesprite and Fabrik Games, and remaster… erm… masters Bluepoint. Like so many major publishers, Sony Interactive Entertainment is clearly staffing up for the ninth generation of gaming, which will see, arguably, its first real run of competitive AAA releases dropping throughout 2022 (or at least delayed into 2023).

Today we announce @valkyrieent will be joining the PlayStation Studios family. The studio will be making invaluable contributions to key PlayStation Studios franchises

— Hermen Hulst (@hermenhulst) December 10, 2021