Sony is holding a massive 'Best of E3' PSN sale right now


Yakuza 0 and Odin Sphere headline

One of the things Sony has been most consistent about this generation is its sales. It typically has some blowouts, especially for PS+ subscribers, and there’s at least one or two “must buys” in all of those.

For the “Best of E3” sale, which contains 186 items, there’s several. You have Yakuza Zero and Odin Sphere (PS4)right off the bat, but there’s also a few steals in there like Nioh – The Complete Edition for $25.There’s a surprising amount of new or semi-new joints in here (including PSVR), so scroll through the list and take a gander.

Knackis four bucks with PS+ ladies and gentlemen — this is not a drill (but it is a joke — maybe wait until Knack is free on PS+ again).

Best of E3 sale [PSN]

Note: Most games on sale can be discounted further with PS+, which can be had for $46using coupon PS8 — more details here.