Sony releases dramatic PlayStation 5 commercial


‘Play Has No Limits’

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the first commercial for its upcoming next-gen gaming platform, PlayStation 5. The “Play Has No Limits” ad represents typical forms of immersion that Sony hopes players will experience when playing games on the new console.

In the 70-second video, a young woman explores several evocative locations, including a frozen lake, a humid woodland camp, and a dark and foreboding cave. As our hero picks her way through each scenario, some of the PS5’s features – such as the DualSense controller’s Haptic Feedback and adaptive triggers and the console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech – are represented by effects such as the ice cracking under her feet, the tension of the bow in her hand, and the sinister sounds rustling through the undergrowth.

The cinematic commercial then ends with a shot of the PS5 console itself, accompanied by its DualSense controller. Of course, no price is listed. Still, it’s a nicely constructed commercial, one I can picture going over well on cinema screens worldwide.

Also, I want this rad gal to star in her own action-adventure video game.

PlayStation 5 launches Holiday 2020 worldwide.