Sony says The Last of Us Part II spoilers have not affected pre-order momentum


Everyone’s gone to the murderthon

Sony has said that upcoming sequel The Last of Us Part II continues to see huge demand in the way of pre-orders, despite recent leaks which spoiled the narrative of Naughty Dog’s upcoming sequel for many players.

Speaking in an interview with CNET, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan stated that European pre-order numbers for The Last of Us Part II currently exceed the pre-order numbers for 2018 mega-seller Marvel’s Spider-Man, a title would eventually go on to become one of the best selling games of the year, as well as becoming the best selling super-hero adventure of all-time.

While there were concerns that the spoilers would lead to people changing their mind about purchasing Naughty Dog’s utterly brutal-looking title, these concerns appear to be unfounded. The Last of Us Part II already looks set to be an incredible success for the studio. This is hardly a surprise, given the almost messianic love many players have for the original release and its cast of downtrodden characters.

Sony’s investigation into the initial leak continues. While the publisher hasn’t released all of the details regarding the incident, it did recently state that the leak was external – with hackers gaining access to Naughty Dog’s servers – rather than an intentional leak from disgruntled employees as was quick-to-rumour on social media sites.

The Last of Us Part II launches June 19 exclusively on PS4

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