Sony's throwing a huge PS4 sale with a deal on PlayStation Plus subs


There’s over a thousand things on sale

If you’re looking to top up your PlayStation Plus subscription at a discount, now’s the time. Sony is offering 12-month PS Plus memberships for $44.99, which still sounds like a lot, but that’s 25 percent off the normal rate. Even moderate price cuts don’t come around all that frequently for the service.

Elsewhere in the Great Indoors Sale, you can save on over a thousand PS4 games, add-ons, and digital trinkets. For a full list of deals in an easy-to-skim table, you can consult this helpful reddit post. One day Sony will give us painless browsing options on the PlayStation Store, but today isn’t that day.

This is one of the better North American PSN sales in a while if you’re after big-name games, so give that list a look. I’m only going to highlight a single title that I know some of you have been waiting for: Castlevania Requiem. It’s $11.99 (or $9.99 with PS Plus), which is worthy of an impulse buy.

After an accidental discount, it’s nice to see that pop up again. Let us know if anything else stands out.