Soon you can be a ruthless dictator on the go with Tropico for iPad


Putting Communism into Commuting

If you ever leave work dreaming about being the boss, ruling over your place of employment with an iron fist, dealing with the troublemakers and managing the finances way better than that chump Robert, with his fancy shoes and store-bought tan. Well, soon you’ll have a daily output to exorcise those post-workday blues.

The classic tongue-in-cheek dictator seem Tropico is coming to iPad later this year. A teaser trailer, recently released by Kalypso Media, shows that soon fans will be able to carry the spirit of El Presidente wherever they travel. Build your island “paradise” and work to keep the people and warring political factions happy, or at least tolerant, or in fear. It’s your republic, comrade.

Developed and optimised for iOS, Tropico will feature a new touch screen interface allowing for quick and easy control of buildings, finances and people. Best of all, Kalypso Media have noted that the game will be a Premium release, featuring no in-app purchases.

Tropico is currently in development for iPad and is expected to launch later in 2018.