Spider-Man: Miles Morales will let you have 60fps *and* ray tracing


Performance RT mode is a great compromise

I’m starting to wish I hadn’t burned through my New Game+ playthrough of Spider-Man: Miles Morales so quickly (and deleted the game to free up some precious storage space on my PS5). Insomniac Games updated Miles Morales with an alternate graphics mode – Performance RT – that ticks the right boxes.

If you wanted to see cool ray-traced reflections but you weren’t willing to play Miles Morales at 30 frames per second, there’s now an “alternate version of the 60 frames per second ‘Performance’ mode” that adds “ray tracing by adjusting the scene resolution, reflection quality, and pedestrian density.”

In other words, Performance RT is trying to give the best of both worlds – fidelity and performance. If you can live without 4K (and I believe plenty of us easily can), this should be a great option.

There’s no confirmation that Spider-Man Remastered will get a Performance RT update, but I hope so.

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