Spider-Man PS4 just got New Game+ and more trophies


Don’t expect any big changes or new suits

It’s a little later than expected, but it’s here just in time for some weekend web-slinging. Insomniac’s latest update for Spider-Man (PS4) paves the way for the first DLC, adds the anticipated New Game+ mode, and introduces an Ultimate difficulty option. I shudder to think how powerful brutes will be.

There’s also various technical fixes, re-tuned combat difficulty for Friendly mode, a new health cap of 250 for Spidey, and the ability to jump right into Photo Mode by pressing left on the d-pad.

If you burned through Spider-Man, earned the Platinum trophy, and moved on, there’s more work to be done. Today’s update includes two additional trophies — one for finishing New Game+, the other for Ultimate. (Don’t worry: your Platinum is safe. These extra trophies are listed in their own category.)

You can change the difficulty to Ultimate when starting a New Game+ file to get both trophies in one playthrough.

Can you earn the “One More Time” and “Power and Responsibility” trophies in one go? Yes! When you go to create a New Game+ file from a completed playthrough in Spider-Man‘s main menu, you’ll have the option to raise or lower the difficulty setting. Just be sure to bump it up to Ultimate.

I feel like I’ll be able to breeze through the story with all of the ability upgrades and combat techniques I’ve picked up, but we’ll see. A certain mid-game faction still overwhelms me sometimes. There doesn’t appear to be a New Game+ reward for clearing Spider-Man again, which will come as a slight disappointment to some. Completionists were hoping for a super-secret suit, but I’m kinda relieved.

The first slice of story DLC, The Heist, centers around our dear old frenemy the Black Cat. If you want an ever-so-slight tease before Tuesday’s launch, the DLC trophy descriptions offer a couple of clues.