SpiderHeck offers silly, spindly brawlin' with spiders and sabres


Incy Wincy’s Pissed

You wait years for a silly spider game, and then two come along at once! For all of you arachnid-loving video game fans out there, indie outfit NeverJam has revealed chaotic, physics-and-web-based brawler SpiderHeck, which sees our eight-legged pals engaged in over-the-top, last-spider-standing mayhem to become the greatest arachnid on the world wide web.

Up to four players can choose from a selection of the brightly colored little darlings, before entering a neon battlefield in a web-slinging free-for-all. Alongside deft and acrobatic use of silken strands, each spider can also utilize an arsenal of weaponry including laser swords, grenades, and rocket launchers in order to blow their opposition to kingdom come… or at least into the scorching lava pits down below. The electric trailer seems a familiar blend of Smash Bros. and Worms.

Speaking in a press statement, developer NeverJam (Uvis Zviedris) said that SpiderHeck was simply conceived out of a desire to just make something simply entertaining. “A lot of the development for SpiderHeck was very improvisational,” they said. “I didn’t really set out with any other goal than just making something that is purely fun (several years of making boring software products probably had its effect on me). Every stage of the process has just been the simple matter of “Okay, what would be cool?” or “Oooh, that would be funny, I’ll just do that.”

“Overall I am just really hyped to see more people join the community and help me shape SpiderHeck into as fun experience as it can be.”

SpiderHeck is coming soon to PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can request access to the PC playtest here.