Splatoon 2 gets bug fixes and new weapon for the weekend


One shot. One splat.

This weekend, like clockwork, a new heavy weapon hits Nintendo’s shooter Splatoon 2, bringing alongside it a small selection of fixes to make your squid kid warfare run that little bit smoother.

The weapon coming to blow your face off is the Custom Range Blaster. This incredibly powerful but ammo-consuming device can one-shot a hapless opponent from a reasonable distance. It is held by back by a cumbersome reload time and a slow rate of fire, so be sure to make every pull of the trigger count.

Update 1.4.1 attempts to iron out a few minor creases within the game. The first fix eliminates a bug that allowed players to fire their Brella weapons whilst keep them opened. The second fixes a bug that allowed players to store Goo Tuber charges indefinitely by switching to a squid, and the final change eliminates an issue that allowed players to pass through the squid barriers on the Snapper Canal map.

The Custom Range Blaster will become available in Splatoon 2 tonight in North America and early tomorrow morning in Europe. Update 1.4.1 is live right now.

明日10月21日午前11時、新しいブキ「ロングブラスター」が追加される。直撃させれば相手を一撃で倒す威力を保ちながら、射程を延長したブラスターだ。ブラスターの中では発射間隔が長いため、隙を突かれないよう注意が必要だ。サブは「キューバンボム」、スペシャルは「アメフラシ」だ。 pic.twitter.com/2zAq4ABEhO

— Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) (@SplatoonJP) October 20, 2017