Square Enix is expanding its Montreal divisions, creating 100 new jobs


New staff and resources for Canadian teams

Square Enix has announced plans to expand it’s biggest non-Japan divisions, namely Square Enix Montreal and Eidos Montreal. The expansion will bring new facilities to the studios as well as open up approximately 100 new jobs on the workforce.

Eidos Montreal, whose most recent release is third-person adventure Shadow of the Tomb Raider – is to receive extra space in its 55,000 square-foot offices, which will include the addition of a new motion capture studio, a sound mixing/voice recording studio. and a user research lab. This will no doubt all come in very useful with their mysterious upcoming Marvel’s Avengers project.

Meanwhile, Square Enix Montreal is expected to double in size, before continuing with its focus on mobile gaming going forward. The entire expansion project comes as part of an ongoing effort between Canada and Japan’s governments to build a stronger bond between the two countries, particularly in terms of industry.

We can expect to see more of what Square Enix has planned at E3 2019 in June.