Square Enix: More Bravely Second info in summer, not E3



Bravely Default came out very early this year outside of Japan, but it’s still one of my favorites even throughout June. Naturally, a lot of people are waiting for Bravely Secondnews to drop, so we can collectively salivate for the highly anticipated follow-up.

But like Kingdom Heartsand Final Fantasy XV, we don’t be getting any news during E3 — according to the official Twitter account.When asked by a fan of it would appear at E3, the account simply responded, “Wait for the information of the Bravely Second until summer.”

This could be a mistake by a Twitter intern, you never know. But in all likelihood since the tweet hasn’t been removed, the most we can likely look forward to at E3 is a localization announcement.

BDFF_Official [Twitter]