Square Enix tries to tell us why the Secret of Mana Remake isn't coming to Switch


‘Development began before the Switch was announced’

With the Seiken Densetsu trilogy arriving very early on the Switch (in Japan at least), people kind of assumed that when the Secret of Mana remake project was announced, that it will arrive on that platform as well. That didn’t seem to be the case though, as Square Enix only had PC, PS4, and Vita on their platform list, leading many to clamor for a Switch port — as these situations often lead to.

Producer Masaru Oyamada has spoken out on the issue though, and explains why there’s no Switch version in a pretty clear manner: “Development for the title began before the Switch was announced, so it was definitely beyond our expectations to see the level of anticipation for the release on the platform grow this much.”

He goes on to say they are “unable to immediately state that it will become available” on Switch, and that he’s fine with “continuing to listen to the various requests from our fans” to make it happen. I mean, it’ll probably need to sell well on those other platforms to even be worth the effort, especially if they haven’t started development on the Switch edition yet.

Secret of Manais back in a big way lately though, with its recent inclusion on the SNES Classic, the aforementioned package trilogy on Switch, and its impending remake.

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