Square Enix's Left Alive is a Front Mission spin-off


‘I wanted to create a new Front Mission world with a new lineup’

As many theorized, Left Aliveis indeed set in the Front Mission universe. The creators revealed that several Front Missionstaff are working on the title and thatit is set somewhere between Front Mission 5and Front Mission Evolved. You will switch between three protagonists (featured on the key art) and fight Wanzers (but not only Wanzers).

Already at 50% complete, thisFront Missionspin-off is a mostly offline experience divided up into stages. It was chosen over a direct sequel because the creators wanted to make a new lineup as well as get people to see the series from a different perspective than just “that robot thing.”

There is only one ending, but conversation choices and action choices (such as saving an NPC or not) will affect characters progression. They “may be happy or unhappy, may find a solution to a mystery or may not…”

Games like Front Missionand Armored Coreseem great, but with each getting so many entries in a loaded mecha genre it’s hard not to put them up on the highest shelf. If I had a hyperbolic time chamber I would just sit down and play every thing but until then I’ll just have to wait til my backlog settles down. In the meantime, I may try this out first depending how it looks; I’m excited to see some gameplay soon.

Left Alive is a third-person shooter set in the world of Front Mission [Gematsu]