Square is bringing Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius west


Another Final Fantasy for your smart phones

[Update: Square Enix has confirmed on May 16 that it will bring Exviuswest “this summer.”]

While Square might have skipped over western territories for the “too sexy” Mevius Final Fantasy, we are getting the smart phone Final Fantasy game that released a few months later in Japan, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. No, I don’t know why the Japanese government hasn’t stepped in to stop Square from naming things.

You can pre-register here to earn items and things, including the Final Fantasy VI DLC Square dished out to celebrate 3 million pre-registrations in Japan, ahead of its Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) release.

The official site helpfully explains that this is, “An all-new RPG in the classic Final Fantasy tradition!” and that, “SQUARE ENIX’s [sic] presents an original Final Fantasy title for smartphones.”