Star Trek Online kicks off its 8th year with a ton of Star Trek: Discovery stuff


Black Alert, set phasers to “Streaming Service”

Another year, another year of Star Trek Online, arguably the oldest continuously running Trekproperty now that it’s set to celebrate its 8th birthday.

As with previous anniversary celebrations, Cryptic have stuffed a bunch of activities into the game, and are giving away a load of prizes, including a Bajoran Interceptor, as well as party favors, and access to a new main story mission featuring Geordi LaForge and voicework from LeVar Burton himself.

The Anniversary giveaways also coincide with the debut of a ton of Star Trek: Discovery-related items in-game. Though the game gave away the Discoveryuniforms earlier, the latest “Discovery Lock Box” loot box promotion gives players a (small) chance of winning the U.S.S.Discoveryherself, here classified as a “Crossfield-class Science Vanguard” ship, complete with special gimmicks patterned after the ship’s teleporting stunts in the show. Klingon players, can score a Dreadnought Carrier ship patterned after the Sarcophagus ship from the first season. Even fans of Captain Georgiou’s U.S.S. Shenzhouaren’t left in the cold, as the Walker-class Light Exploration Cruiser will be added to the game’s Lobi store.

I’ll admit that I’ve been playing less STO since discovering gacha games (not necessarily a positive development), but I don’t regret the times I do come back. Just…don’t turn on general chat.