Star Trek Online's Deep Space Nine expansion is now live


Jem and the ‘Hadar-grams

If you’ve played Star Trek Online for as long as I have, you’ll have wondered multiple times about when, when when the game would finally plumb the last unknown region of Star Trek‘s galaxy: The Gamma Quadrant, home of the Dominion and the uncharted territory beyond the wormhole outside Deep Space Nine.

Well, ensigns, the time is now. STO‘s fourth content expansion, Victory is Life, has officially gone live and is available for all and sundry, right on time to celebrate Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s 25th anniversary. The expansion allows players to start characters on a new Jem’Hadar faction that starts at high level (at level 60 of 65), and gives them access to playable Jem’Hadar starships. It also adds playable Cardassians as a distinct species (they were previously hidden as a set of generic options in the character creator), and new costumes, ships, weapons, and equipment. Even Deep Space Nine itself has had its interior revamped to be accurate to the TV show.

Perhaps most important for the more casual fan, though, is the addition to the game’s ongoing story. The added story missions will feature a large number of Deep Space Nine alumni, including voice performances by Odo, Quark, Rom, Dr. Bashir, Major Kira, Martok, Weyoun, and Garak, as well as explore just what they’ve been doing in the decades since the show ended and Star Trek Online‘s timeline began.

Check out Star Trek Online: Victory Is Life‘s launch trailer below, which features former constable Odo giving an inspiring speech. Well, it’s inspiring in that “Dominion Warlord” kind of way, at least.