Starlink: Battle for Atlas Switch Edition includes nifty Star Fox toys


They’re action figures, MOM!

One of the biggest surprises of E3 so far has been the reveal that Fox McCloud of Nintendo’s Star Fox is joining the space assault of upcoming Toys-to-Life game Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Publisher Ubisoft has revealed an exclusive Nintendo Switch special edition featuring the anthropomorphic hero.

The Starlink Nintendo Switch Starter Pack, priced at $75, will include a copy of the game, a Joy-Con mount, figurines of Fox himself and the game’s lead, Mason Rana, plus the famous Arwing ship, which has flown in many a desperate battle against the evil Andross Empire. Also included are several weapon attachments, including the Flamethrower, Frost Barrage and Digital Shredder.

All of the above physical items can be used in conjunction with Starlink in order to designate your on-screen characters, vehicles and capabilities. For more information on how the upcoming title will incorporate the toys into its gameplay, check out this video.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas launches October 16 on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.