organizing one final push for Mother 3 localization


Siege Miiverse

The ultra-dedicated fans at never seem to give up. They have been campaigning for an official Western release of Mother 3 for what seems like a lifetime. According to the fansite, now is the ripest it will ever be with Lucas joining Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, along with the Japanese Virtual Console release.

The message is that it’s now or never. In order to get Nintendo’s attention, the campaign is leveraging that recent release by posting Miiverse art to promote the idea of bringing it west. The organizers want quality posts rather than spam, but they are inviting all to participate.

Who knows if this will have any effect on Nintendo of America’s decisions? On the one hand, we’ve heard this a thousand times before and there’s not much reason to expect anything different. On the other hand, I feel like Nintendo ought to just want us to shut up and may eventually give in.

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