Steam Halloween Sale picks for 2021


Last-minute horror gaming deals

It’s probably a little late to be squeezing any more games into your spooky seasonal rotation — I mean, I’ve been eating candy for three straight weeks now — but the Steam Halloween sale is always worth a shout, and it’s running today through November 1.

As much as Steam likes to put forth personalized results, I like to comb a bunch of lists and round up games I think you fine folks might enjoy. Here’s a bunch of ’em.

Steam Halloween Sale 2021 recommendations

If nothing else, it’s kinda fun to compare and contrast how some games on Steam have replaced their thumbnails with Halloween-appropriate artwork that often corresponds to a recent update. Rust, Sea of Thieves, Graveyard Keeper, Days Gone, the list goes on.

It’s also amusing to see a sale category called “Not Horror” — hey, everyone’s invited.

Valve recently took a nice proactive step by outlining the remaining platform-wide Steam sales on the docket for 2021. After the Steam Halloween Sale (which ends on November 1), we’ve got the Autumn Sale on November 24 and then the Winter Sale on December 22.

Are you all sale’d out yet? My horror gaming backlog is a lost cause, but I’m mostly caught up on timely movies. There’s still time to sneak in Doctor Sleep, Happy Death Day 2 U, and Nia DaCosta’s Candyman (if the rental fee ever drops below $20; I just can’t justify it).

[Image credit: Aniva]