Steel meets flesh with expected results in The Surge 2 combat trailer


Not a good time to lose one’s head

Focus Home Interactive has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming sci-fi sequel The Surge 2, headed to PC and consoles late next month. The new clip focuses specifically on the brutal melee combat of the dystopian adventure, and features a montage of brutality as our hero carves their way through Jericho City.

While the casual removal of limbs and heads from the opponent may seem a little extreme, it’s not all in the name of being a mech suit-clad psychopath, as dismemberment is a key mechanic of The Surge 2. The weapons, armour and other enchantments removed from your opponent’s central nervous system can then be attached to your own bodysuit, allowing the player to switch up their combat capabilities as they progress through each area. This is reflected in the game’s mantra of “Overcome. Upgrade. Survive.”

If you fancy getting up to speed on The Surge universe ahead of this release, then the original game and all of its DLC are currently discounted on the Steam store. This offer ends today though, so think fast.

The Surge 2 launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One September 24.