Stop what you're doing and watch this R-Type animation


On mute, to a soundtrack

For quite some time nowanimator Paul Johnson(of TIE Fighterfame)and a small team have been working on an animation homage to R-Type, and it’s finally done. Released under the Mashed umbrella, it tells the story of a guy getting sucked into an arcade cabinet, just like Darkwing Duck in the episode “Whiffle While You Work.” His mom said he could be anything, and he became a video game.

But as beautiful and as detailed as it is, I uh…can’t stand the “shit shit oh shit!” dialogue — which TIE Fighterdidn’t have, so it must be a Mashed thing. It’s just not for me, and I’ll leave it at that.

I can overlook it though because given that one of my first ever shmups (outside of randomGalagapizza joint plays) was Super R-Type, I’m happy to see it alive in any way shape or form.