Street Fighter V comic will get fans up to speed on Rival Schools' Akira


Biker babe getting ready to run you down

Among the final wave of DLC characters headed to Street Fighter V this year is guest star Akira Kazama, who is making the jump from Capcom’s M.I.A. fighting series Rival Schools. For those of you who haven’t encountered the ass-kicking biker gal, fear not, as Ms. Kazama will be making her presence felt in an official Street Fighter V comic this summer.

Capcom, in association with publisher Udon, will release a special issue of Street Fighter V for this year’s annual Free Comic Book Day festivities, which will take place August 14. The “Back to School” special will head, literally, back to school, as Akira shows up to battle other teens such as Sakura, Karin, Makoto, Ibuki, and even Street Fighter III‘s Elena. It’s like when you heard kids from the school across town were coming to the field for a massive scrap (that always ended up not actually happening).

Akira is the fourth of five characters headed to Street Fighter V in its twilight season. Dan Hibiki launched earlier this month, and will be followed by Street Fighter Alpha‘s Rose, Street Fighter III‘s Oro, Akira, and a mystery fifth character, still to be revealed. In other recent SFV news, Korean killer Juri Han recently got two new skins, the result of last year’s community-led design contest. You can read more about Juri’s hi-jinx right here.