Suda51 is going to make a 'special announcement' at this year's MomoCon


A new game, or

Goichi Suda, also known as “Suda51,” has been hard at work creating Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, but as we know his studio Grasshopper Manufacture is frequently working on multiple projects at once.

TO celebrate Grasshopper’s 20th anniversary Suda says he has something special planned — specifically, a “special announcement” to be held at MomoCon 2018 in Atlanta. He says on May 26 at 7:00PM ET he’ll be running a Grasshopper panel, and will announce something there. The panel will also feature NIS America members in conjunction with Suda, who have published several of his studio’s games in the past.

As with anything Suda does a lot could happen, even if it’s not on a massive stage like E3 or TGS.