Sunset Overdrive gets a permanent price drop, trades freaks for robots


Now $39.99

There’s a lot of activity in Sunset City despite the fact that the town is a shell of what it once was. Those over-caffeinated freaks flood the streets, and there’s one guy bouncing about like he’s the one with 15 too many Red Bulls in him.

If Usher, Little Jon, and Ludacris taught us anything, it’s that we don’t want our freaks in the streets. So, they’re going on the backburner for a bit while robots take over. That all happens in the Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machinesadd-on, which is available today for $9.99.

While we’re talkin’ money, politics, and religion at the dinner table, Sunset Overdriveis cheaper now than it usually is. It’s been discounted permanently to $39.99. Save a Jackson, ride a cowboy. That’s what I said once about a $20 price drop on Sunset Overdrive.