Super Mario Maker 2 boss schools fans on how to make a level


Five tips from the master

Super Mario Maker 2producerTakashi Tezuka just put out a “top five tips” video to assist players in the creation process. In case you aren’t aware, Tezuka helped direct the very first Super Mario Bros. back in 1985, so he’s the sort of person you want to listen to.

You can find the summation of his tips below, and although the first one is very important, “inspiration” is a common theme with Tezuka’s philosophy. I recently had the good fortune to attend the J.R.R. Tolkien-centric Mythmoot conference, and its keynote speaker, Diana Glyer, had a wonderful talk on that very subject.

The gist was that inspiration should be seen as a form of collaboration, something Tezuka-san is trying to foster within the Mario Maker 2community. If we learn from each other and impart our own unique ideas within a community, we can all learn and better ourselves from the experience.

  • Don’t think too hard
  • Start by coming up with a name for your course, which serves as a rough draft
  • Check out other courses for reference
  • If you get writer’s [maker’s] block, try other modes to pick up ideas
  • Try making courses with someone else