Super Mario Odyssey passed half a million Japanese sales in three days



A lot of people sure do seem to be enjoying Nintendo’s newest release, Super Mario Odyssey, which launched last week on Switch. Since that day many of you fine folk in the Destructoid community have been singing its praises, and it seems that globally the feeling is mutual.

In the game’s country of origin, Japan, the ex-plumber’s newest adventure succeeded in selling 511,625 copies within just three days of release. Though this figure counts for physical copies and Switch bundles, it doesn’t take into account any digital download sales. This figure alone counts for a quarter of the game’s two million global sales.

Speaking of the Switch, the console itself moved 133,000 units last week, which is five times that of its previous week’s numbers. Clearly, Super Mario is still a brand name that not only sells games, but shifts machines too.

Surprisingly, despite these impressive numbers, Super Mario Odyssey is still only the second biggest opening on the Switch in Japan. Splatoon 2 still holds that achievement, with the multiplayer shooter selling 670,955 copies within its first three days of release.

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