Super Mario Odyssey's amiibo content will be unlockable without the amiibo


What a novel concept…

Lootboxes and microtransactions and all sorts of chicanery have been invading video games for the last few years, locking out content that used to be unlockable through in-game achievements. What happened to the days where getting hard mode meant you simply had to beat the game instead of shelling out an additional $10? While Super Mario Odyssey will be launching alongside a trio of amiibo that unlock things, you won’t be required to buy those figurines to get that content.

In a very subtle manner on the official Super Mario website, Nintendo notes that “All outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo,” reassuring fans everywhere that Nintendo hasn’t gone full insane on us. In all honesty, I kind of prefer having to unlock the costumes, since being handed them takes the fun out of the experience for me. At least this is a true option, unlike typical microtransactions that unbalance the difficulty curve of games. It also doesn’t prevent Mario Odyssey from being a full game in the future when amiibo no longer exist.

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