Super Meat Boy jumps to Wii U May 12


Good lord, finally

At long last,Super Meat Boy iscoming to a Nintendo platform (Wii U) on May 12.

The good word comes more than five years after Team Meat cancelled the WiiWare version of the game in December 2010. The port had originally been planned for a November release, but Team Meat had a rough time fitting the game onto the platform (which limited digital games to a max file size of 40 MB).

Ultimately, the developer gave up and canned the WiiWare port, rather than release a compromised version of its work, and began looking into the possibility of publishing the title for the Wii on a retail disc. Unfortunately, publishers weren’t too hot on the idea, so that never came to pass.

Speaking with Kotakuabout the situation in December 2010, Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen promised“I will tell you, we will do a game on a Nintendo platform. That’s for sure.”

It might of taken a while, but it seems like Team Meat is finally going to make good on its word.

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