Super Neptunia RPG reveals some fun new characters


Friend or Foe?

Compile Heart have updated the Japanese website for Brave Neptune, recently re-named Super Neptunia RPG – giving us a look at three of the new characters joining our regular gals for a jaunt through Gameindustri.

Part of the so-called “Three Musketeers of Silkworm” (Nah, me neither) the site update features profiles for Kukei Tobihachi, Mai Kamimura and Surara Izuda. Kukei is a classy-looking lady with a penchant for video game music, Steampunk goth Mai is the manager of the “Trial Grounds” and is feared by the people for her irrational behaviour. Rounding out the trio is engineering wiz Surara, who is rarely seen unaccompanied by her mech pal, Caramel Man.

As for what role these girls will play when they come face-to-face with Nep, Noire, Blanc and Vert remains to be seen. Neptunia games past often had characters with fragile loyalties, so perhaps these will be enemies-turned-friends, or maybe they will do all they can to stand in our intrepid heroes’ path.

We will find out later in 2018 when Super Neptunia RPG lands on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.