Super Smash Bros. Ultimate provides local and online multiplayer details


Who’s the best on your block?

During today’s Smash Direct, we learned a little more about the way local and online co-op will work in the upcoming madcap Nintendo brawler, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The wealth of info that came through just about multiplayer was pretty hefty, showing how focused Nintendo is on delivering an excellent multiplayer experience. To this end, local four-player co-op is available, as is online, though it was clearly stated that a wired connection would be preferred to Wi-Fi. Smash will do its part with a better matchmaking system, linking you up to strong connections in your local regions. Online co-op will be allowed from the same Switch console.

To avoid cheats and trolls, a disconnection mechanic will be in place, and will auto-drop players who self-destruct intentionally to be auto-booted from the match. A fully customisable rules system will allow hosts to set up and search matches by format, time limit, items available, hazards on/off and other options.

Profiles and tags are being implemented, allowing players to represent themselves with short messages before battle. Prove yourself the best of the best, and you might find yourself stepping up in all-new Elite Battles. And if you just want to hang back and watch the action, you can do that too in Spectator mode.

Finally, we caught a glimpse of the upcoming “Smash World”. A free, social media style app that will allow you to check out leaderboards, your own profile and much more.