Sure, I'll take more Mario Maker costumes


Special request: Ninji

So long as Nintendo continues adding costumes to Super Mario Maker, I’ll keep unlocking them (except for the Fighter Fly; I simply do not have the skill or patience to beat Gnat Attack on hard mode). EarthBound‘s own Master Belch and Mr. Saturn, though? Don’t mind if I do!

Looking ahead, we’re getting Captain Toad, Birdo, and Excitebike outfits next. They’ll be offered as rewards for clearing Event Courses. In Europe, the levels will go up on December 25 (Toad) and December 31 (Birdo, Excitebike). I’d expect similar timing for North America.

The post-launch support has exceeded my expectations, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. That’s not to say there aren’t still things that could be improved in Mario Maker — there assuredly are! — but I’m very pleased with the game at this point. Heck, I was at launch.