Surrealist duck-based brawler Pato Box coming to Steam this month


Quack reflexes required

Super-stylistic boxing adventure Pato Box is coming to PC and Mac later this month. The announcement was made by Mexican indie-outfit Bromio, who have developed the bizarre title.

Pugilistic World Champion Patobox, an unstoppable force adorned with a duck’s head, is set on a path of vengeance when he is betrayed by his sponsor, Deathflock. Throwing hands with reckless abandon, the half-man, half-duck death machine battles his way through Deathflock’s headquarters, dodging security hazards and taking down his former sponsor’s employees and contracted fighters.

Featuring similar pattern-based gameplay as Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! players will take part in fights, puzzles and mini-games, all whilst learning of the tragic events which forced Patobox into his war via interactive comic-book cut-scenes.

Pato Box is available to pre-order on PC and Mac now, ahead of its March 16 launch. The game will follow on Nintendo Switch and PS Vita at a later date.