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Swery will be holding a Reddit AMA this Thursday

How did I get off the track?

With The Good Life’s Kickstarter campaign still on-going, director Swery will be holding a Reddit AMA this Thursday to let fans get any questions in about the game. Running from 8:30 to 10:30 am PST, it won’t be limited to just his upcoming game, but literally anything you want to know. Will D4 ever get a conclusion? What does FK in the coffee mean? Do you love me, Swery?

Oh, sorry, this isn’t Reddit. I got carried away, but feel free to use my suggestions come Thursday. I’d love to just talk to this guy, considering how insane his games are, so I’ll definitely be posting something in the thread.

SWERY is going to do an AMA on Reddit! – AMA SWERYをRedditにて開催します! [Kickstarter]

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