Swords of Ditto's launch trailer is a real cutie patootie


One for the ages

Devolver Digital’s gearing up for the imminent release of The Swords of Ditto, a cutesy rogue-like adventure about an entire lineage of heroic world-savers. As such, we get this gem of a launch trailer.

There’s some real ace stuff in this trailer. A kazoo-playing girl summons a magical teleporting school bus. An ambitious lad nimbly cuts through some minions before being effortlessly crystalized by ultimate baddie Mormo. My favorite: The hero who slaps a matchstick sticker to her shirt, instantly transforming her sword into a firesword.

The Swords of Dittolaunches on PC and PS4 tomorrow for $20. We’ll have a review ready in the morning. This trailer is all you need to know the game is cute as heck, though. Really, the cuteness was never called into question.