Syberia Trilogy collates all three titles for Nintendo Switch


Walking the frozen mile

Developer/publisher Microids has revealed plans to release a physical compilation of all three titles in its Syberia adventure series. The three games will be compiled as Syberia Trilogy, and will release on Nintendo Switch October 31.

Syberia follows the epic journey of young attorney Kate Walker, who travels to the small French village of Valadilene to negotiate a deal on behalf of her company. This seemingly innocuous work trip leads Kate on a three-game journey across Europe and Russia, where she encounters lost civilisations, extinct creatures and frequent danger, while confronting and overcoming her own personal demons.

It should be noted that all three games are already available for Switch in physical and digital form. In fact, there’s even a Syberia I & II double pack. But for those yet to pull the trigger on this trilogy, this upcoming compendium will offer all three adventures in one neat package.

Syberia Trilogy launches for Nintendo Switch on October 31.