Tabletop Simulator mod brings Gwent to the table


Gwent is love, Gwent is life

The Witcher 3 is pretty good, but let’s be honest: it pales in comparison to the glory that is Gwent, the card game found within it. We all know that come December, any game of the year awards it gets will be for that silly little minigame.

“But Joe!” I hear you cry, “I don’t have The Witcher 3, and I too would wish to partake in a game of Gwent!” Well fear not, fake internet person! ATabletop Simulator mod by Steam User [MeoW] »Mr.RiZZaH« allows you and a friend play it in all its Gwent-y goodness.

Complete with full card art and a board to match that Witcher feel, everything you need to play Gwent is right there… Except, maybe, a tutorial to help you actually play the game. Fear not, though –Witcher 3 developers CD Projekt Red have you covered.

Unfortunately, because it’s made for two players, there’s no AI to play against, so you’ll need to have a friend who both owns Tabletop Simulator and knows how to play Gwent. But considering it’s taken the entire world by storm, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now the real question you have to ask yourself is this: is it worth sacrificing the sweet beard growth physics just to play a card game? Maybe, but that’s a choice for you and you alone.

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