Taito Milestones compiles '80s arcade titles for Nintendo Switch


Taito Milestones coming to Switch in 2022

Taito has announced that it will be taking a trip back to its 1980s heyday come next year. Taito Milestones, which launches on Nintendo Switch in 2022, will feature a selection of arcade titles representing some of the earliest arcade releases developed by the legendary studio.

It should be immediately noted that these are truly old-school Taito releases. The compilation will include Front Line, Wild Western, Alpine Ski, Elevator Action, Chack’n Pop, The Fairyland Story, Halley’s Comet, and finally The Ninja Warriors. So anybody expecting hits such as Chase H.Q., Growl, the Bubble Bobble games, or Darius may have to look elsewhere. Several further titles are expected to be announced in the coming months.

It should also be noted that all the games featured on Taito Milestones are already available via Hamster’s Arcade Archives — though it will likely work out cheaper to pick up the compilation on release. Frankly, this line-up needs to step up, as a compendium of incredibly simplistic and short-lived titles — all of which are already available for purchase, is not really a draw. Doubly so given the awesome Taito titles that are yet to make the cut.

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