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Taiwan Pokemon Go player basically becomes a real life Elite Four member


Earlier this year we met the so-called “Pokemon Uncle” that resides in Taiwan. He built up a reputation for living his best life possible, riding his bike, getting out of the house, and of course: playing no less than 11 instances of Pokemon Go at the same time with his MacGyver-ed power supply rig. Well, he’s back to warm your heart again.

As spotted on Twitter,San Yuan has picked up an upgrade and is no longer tethered to his bicycle. He’s up to 12 smartphones now using a body-kit, which attaches all of them to his person and to another power supply.Not that anyone could accuse him of being a fair weather fan when he was discovered three months ago, but this is something else!

As a reminder, Pokemon Gomade roughly $70 million in revenue last month, in part due to the massive globalization efforts of its producers. According to mobile data firm Sensor Tower, the United States only accounted for32.9% of the game’s sales in October of 2018.

Muumi5x15 [Twitter via Nintendo Soup]

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