Take to the shadows with Hanzo Hattori in Samurai Shodown


Go Ninja, Go… Ah, I did that one yesterday

SNK continue to pump out their character trailers for the upcoming Samurai Shodown in quick succession, having moved from once a week to seemingly once a day. It’s all good, it just means we get to see more of the stylish-looking fighter in action.

Here we see the return of Hanzo Hattori, who made his debut in the original Samurai Shodown and is one of a handful of characters to appear in every release since. The most skillful member of the Iga ninja clan, Hanzo is a man of loyalty and honour, but his respectful nature should not be taken lightly, as he remains an efficient and deadly assailant.

Samurai Shodown is a fairly deliberately paced fighting game, but Hanzo has always been one of the series’ “faster” characters. Armed with a short sword and a variety of secondary weapons – such as shuriken and explosives – Hanzo can close the gap on his opponent with fast off-the-ground dash attacks, while controlling the skies with air projectiles and Izuna Drops grabs – similar to Street Fighter’s Vega. If that wasn’t enough, Hanzo is also a master of teleportation, confirming his status as a highly dangerous opponent.

Samurai Shodown launches on June 25 for PS4 and Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch ports will follow this Winter.