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Tanya in Mortal Kombat X has my favorite Fatality yet

And there’s a lot of competition

When Tanya joins the Mortal Kombat Xcast tomorrow, I think she’ll bring with her my favorite Fatality I’ve seen so far. It’s simple, elegant in a way. You know, as elegant as you can be while creating a person-sized cavity in someone’s chest.

But, it’s the way she does it that’s so graceful. Look at the way she casually picks out the heart mid-swoop. Check out how she coolly discards the entrails hanging over her shoulder. Cassie’s seen better days — that much is for sure.

The Tanya Pack(which comes with some character skins) will be available for season pass owners tomorrow, June 2. Everyone else gets to wait until June 9 to purchase this nimble killer — one who’s basically the opposite of the lumbering Jason.

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