Teacart 1k game jam to build multiple games using the same save file


Progress in one game can yield unexpected results in another

Jim Crawford, best known for the notoriously strange Frog Fractions, is putting together a game jam built around the idea of creating games compatible with SHARECART1000. What’s special about SHARECART1000? It is a system that allows for save files in one game to be read and interpreted in other games within the ecosystem.

Some neat interactions show up as a result. Some games may feature areas that are completely inaccessible without modifying the save file in a different game and then coming back. The best-known title that works within the system is probably Kyle Reimergartin’sFjords.

The Teacart 1k game jam is set to begin on Friday, February 20. When it is complete, the submissions will be presented as a collection, with each entry able to affect the others through save file communication.