Team Fortress 2sdays: Men, Monsters and Bathrobes


The best robes come in pink.

Sunday was the Grammys, and while sadly it’s not an event for kind-hearted old ladies to have a chocolate chip cookie bake-off, it’s supposedly one of the premier music events of the year.

That being said, this year the best thing of note was a guy in a bathrobe getting on stage after Beyoncé didn’t win an award. You know, Kanye, if you really want to do a bathrobe right, you might want to make it pink and fluffy. Of course, Kanye seems like the kind of guy who claims he’s too cool to wear pink, but when you tell him that he’ll go off and paint his whole house and wardrobe pink in rebuttal. Leave the bathrobe wearing to the professionals Kanye, please.

Also to celebrate the release of Evolve, this weekend I’m going to get Vs Saxton Hale mode running again, just for the weekend though. Worried about people capping the point? Honestly, I’m going to allow it this time; that way games won’t go on forever with only a handful of people still alive. Now if only there was a well-made Cthulhu model for TF2…

AdminsHank HillSwishieeDFFasio_Vita

Server InfoIP: Port:27015

TimeEarly Match: 5 PM PST | 8 PM ESTLate Match: 9 PM PST | 12 AM EST

Map Listcp_gravelpitcp_dustbowlcp_granarycp_wellcp_badlandspl_goldrushcp_fastlanectf_turbinepl_badwatercp_steelcp_egypt_finalpl_cashworks_final1pl_hoodoo_finalkoth_sawmillkoth_nucleuskoth_viaductcp_yukon_finalkoth_harvest_finalcp_freight_final1pl_upwardplr_hightowerpl_thundermountaincp_coldfrontcp_degrootkeepcp_5gorgepl_frontier_finalplr_nightfall_finalkoth_lakeside_finalpl_barnblitzcp_gullywash_final1cp_foundrykoth_kingcp_process_finalcp_standin_finalarena_badlandsarena_lumberyardarena_ravinearena_watchtowerarena_offblast_finalarena_wellkoth_probedcp_shirokoth_trainsawlaser_rc1

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