Team Fortress 2sdays: #WhensMahvel



So can I take a moment to say something that’s probably super unpopular? I’m not a fan of Joss Whedon. There I said it, now don’t get me wrong, I love Firefly and the MCU alongside a scant few other things he’s done. Buffy never really interested me, and I didn’t even know he was involved with Much Ado About Nothing until I looked it up for this blog. That being said, Age of Ultron is actually looking really good, and I can’t wait to see it Thursday.

With all that off my chest, I have to say we live in a wonderful time for TV/movie adaptations of comics, Daredevil and the Flash are amazing. Alongside the pretty solid entries for the MCU with some of the lesser heroes getting some of the spotlight at well. Now we just need a new Marvel vs Capcom with Starlord in it.

Also don’t forget that we are still looking for people to help with the PC FNF cblogs. It’s a super easy thing and you won’t be alone, I sometimes might not forget to help every other week. If you’re interested hit up Mike or Swishiee for the details.


So what is TF2sday?

Every Tuesday, a ton of folks from all across Destructoid hop on to the community server to play, talk, and shoot each other. It’s usually a pretty crazy good time, and almost always involves various melee only matches between a handful of classes. So feel free to jump on and join us sometime!

New to TF2sday?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Any and all Dtoiders are welcome, so please don’t be shy. If there is ever something wrong, or if you need to contact one of the server admins, please see below, all admin names and links to their Steam profile is listed.

AdminsHank HillSwishieeDFFasio_Vita

Server InfoIP: Port:27015

TimeEarly Match: 5 PM PST | 8 PM ESTLate Match: 9 PM PST | 12 AM EST

Map Listcp_gravelpitcp_dustbowlcp_granarycp_wellcp_badlandspl_goldrushcp_fastlanectf_turbinepl_badwatercp_steelcp_egypt_finalpl_cashworks_final1pl_hoodoo_finalkoth_sawmillkoth_nucleuskoth_viaductcp_yukon_finalkoth_harvest_finalcp_freight_final1pl_upwardplr_hightowerpl_thundermountaincp_coldfrontcp_degrootkeepcp_5gorgepl_frontier_finalplr_nightfall_finalkoth_lakeside_finalpl_barnblitzcp_gullywash_final1cp_foundrykoth_kingcp_process_finalcp_standin_finalarena_badlandsarena_lumberyardarena_ravinearena_watchtowerarena_offblast_finalarena_wellkoth_probedcp_shirokoth_trainsawlaser_rc1

[Note: We’re still looking for help with the PC FNF blog and also compiling a list of every Dtoid clan/group here in this blog post. If you’re interested in either, please drop by and say so in the comments!]