Team Sonic Racing releases 'Haunted Castle' track theme


Top gear ghoulies

I can’t think of a game I have been dropping news about for longer than Team Sonic Racing. From teases and rumours, to announcement, to trailers, delays, and further delays, it feels like this particular title has stalled at the starting grid forever. Still, things seem to be on track right now, with the Sega racer expected to launch May 21.

The developer has just announced another track, ready to be torn up by Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and friends. This time it’s the Haunted Castle, which will no doubt feature all sorts of weird and creepy goings-on. I have to guess as to its features, because this announcement wasn’t backed up with any actual footage of the new locale in action.

Still, a video has been released featuring the Haunted Castle’s theme, performed by Tee Lopis, the talented artist behind the excellent Sonic Mania OST. You can check out the new tune below. Team Sonic Racing launches May 21 on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.