Team17, the Worms developer, announces new shooter Genesis Alpha One


For ‘PC and console’

Team17 has dipped its toes intothe shooter genre in the past with games like Alien Breed (and its modern follow-ups), but they’re jumping in with two feet with Genesis Alpha Oneas its publisher, backing up developer Radiation Blue. It’s a sci-fi tinted Unreal Engine 4 shooter with “roguelike, base building, and survival elements,” and is set to drop on PC and console in the future.

As a shooter fan myself I’m used to seeing hundreds of these kind of come and go (or get converted into free-to-play with lucrative microtransactions that prey on a small but dedicated userbase), but I’ll keep my eye out on this one. Team17 as a whole is a more reliable publisher than some of these other one and done studios.