Terraria: Otherworld trailer shows an alternate dimension to the sandbox


‘Not Terraria 2’

Whoa. What’s this? A new game in the Terraria universe? I have just recently been getting back into the similar-but-unrelated Starbound, so this is especially interesting news right about now. Re-Logic released the above alpha footage trailer, and has a smattering of information on the official site and the Terraria forums.

There isn’t a whole lot to glean from the trailer for Terraria: Otherworld. There is a strange glowing robot/mech/monolith, and everything looks simultaneously darker and more richly colored. Check out that logo.

Re-Logic made it clear that this is “not Terraria 2,” but instead is a slightly different type of sandbox game set in an alternate dimension to the original. There is mention of a “band of survivors,” which could hint to some sort of squad-based tactics, or could just be a slight tweak on the original’s villagers. The official site hints that Terraria: Otherworld combines the classic sandbox gameplay with strategy and role-playing elements. The original also had pieces that could go by those descriptions, so it might be wise to keep the hype in check, but that may be difficult considering how cool a Terraria strategy-RPG could be.

Terraria: Otherworld is set to release for Mac and Windows in the future. The team is also thinking about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases, but has not made a final decision on them.