Terry Cavanagh to release two VVVVVV games on iPad this week


The core game is $2.99, the minigame is free

After sending over a code for VVVVVVon iPad, which is set to release this week, creator Terry Cavanagh confirmed another VVVVVVrelated game to Destructoid — Super Gravitron.

This is a free minigame based off the Gravitron section of the core release, which basically puts players into a rectangular box and tasks them with avoiding flying projectiles from both sides of the screen (pictured above). It’s incredibly punishing as you’re constantly moving up and down, and using the left and right on-screen arrow buttons you can dodge in the appropriate direction. It’s also a ton of fun.

VVVVVVwill launch this Thursday for $2.99 on iPad. Again,Super Gravitronis free.