Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown hits the streets of Hong Kong in September 2022


Legendary driving simulator headed East

As part of yesterday’s Nacon Connect presentation, the publisher announced that the next entry in the prestigious Test Drive Unlimited series will hit the gas this fall. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is currently in development for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms, with the green flag set to drop on September 22, 2022 on all platforms.

In addition to the release date, developer KT Racing finally revealed that the long-running racing series will be taking to the electrifying location of Hong Kong for its newest jaunt, offering players the chance to slip behind the wheel of a huge variety of high-performance vehicles before ripping through the cities’ neon-infused nightlife, bursting its tranquil skies with the roar of the engine. According to earlier comments by KT, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will feature the island of Hong Kong in “glorious one-to-one scale.” Lordy, that sounds ambitious.

Ferarri, Lamborghini, Porsche, Buggati, and Dodge are among the many vehicle licenses featured in Solar Crown, while a returning Open Championship format will offer both open-world races and cruises in order to show off your skills. And speaking of showing off, Solar Crown will boast a revised customization mode, so street-savvy racers can ensure that not only their vehicle but also the driver is the sharpest-looking on the scene. I hope you can make Jordana Brewster.

It feels like there’s still a lot to be revealed in regards to modes and multiplayer details but Solar Crown is looking pretty clean right now. Hong Kong is also a marvelous locale to set the franchise’s slightly “heightened” driving experience. And with a release date announced, Test Drive fans will be hitting the magnetizing streets of Hong Kong before you know it. Just remember to fasten your seat belt, adjust your mirrors, and don’t mix cross-ply with radial.